How A Little Dust Can Add the Age of Time to Any Ornate Furnishing Piece

Have you ever noticed the gray dust in an old gold leafed frame? The timeless age adds the authentic beauty to those European antiques.

Now you can easily add that same wonderful aged effect to any ornamental decoration. If you have a frame or a piece of furniture with ornate molding, a lamp or chandelier with intricate detail or an accessory with deep insets, you can add the charming effect to replicate an expensive antique.

Farmhouse Paint Antiquing Dust comes in a kit, which includes Antiquing Dust, GreaseCoat and a dusting brush. It is so simple, so fun yet inexpensive to do. Just wipe on the Greasecoat, brush the dusting powder on and polish. In minutes, you can transform all of those ornate furnishings into rare fabulous antiques.

Farmhouse Antiquing Dust is available through many of our retailers. If you don’t have a retailer in your area, you can order online at

Antiquing Dust

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